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Most recently launching CULTUREVITTI A Lifestyle of Fun with Art, Music & Dance, Liliana Vittini is ​an accomplished designer and fine artist working with many mediums and styles. Naturally drawing as a child and as a young teen fell into the world of music theory and performance. 

Her career in the arts started upon her first designer position at Corporate Promotions upon grad​uating the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since then, she's built a portfolio that includes fine art, advertising design, marketing and musically as a bass player.

A resident of Boca Raton, Florida and recently opening a studio in Young Harris, Georgia. She's bilingual in English and Castellano/Spanish. When she's not working she is on the beach or spending time with family. She loves the ocean and it's animals and is inspired by trees and their magical being. 

Fine Art & Commercial Art

Fine arts is perhaps the area that comes most natural to Liliana. A lot of her professional work  is either in a residential or commercial property as a mural, decoration or a faux finish. The majority of the professional work is completed in acrylics along-side her twin-sister Mabel Vittini of VITTIART Decor & Painting". Together they're a great team and truly enjoy creating custom art and finishes for their clients. 

Most recently, Liliana has been doing commissioned paintings and working with beginners in paint techniques. Visit her portfolio to see some of her work. 

Digital Art

As a Graphic Designer/Marketer, her resume spans from small and fortune 500 companies. Some companies and brands such as Sunbeam, Oster, Mr. Coffee, EZ Legal Forms, and most recently Office Depot. The types of projects and the roles played vary, but mostly they were supporting sales initiatives, campaigns or product launches. In 2005 she launched and published her own Art & Music Magazine called "US Artists Magazine". 

Today she is focused on designing primarily logos and illustrations.

Song Writing

A bass player with some guitar and piano experience. The bass guitar grabbed her heart at the age of 14 and has been one constant in her life. Her favorite music and writing style is Progressive Hard Rock, but she has played and performed just about everything from Classic Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Country and Latin Melodies. Currently she's writing and recording her own music as MVL with twin sister Mabel and performing periodically with AURORA and MOFO CHICA. 

Liliana is most passionate about her music and loves teaching. With her heart and her passion for music she now gives private bass lessons to beginners which include technique and basic theory. Contact Liliana if you're interested!

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