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Welcome to My Portfolio

A shallow dive into my Artist & Designer portfolio of paintings, murals,

refurbished furniture, decor and faux finishes. All work is custom and original. Created for my clients and lives with them, in their home or business. 


Art for Life

Art as my profession is a journey of creativity and adventure. Creating custom art for diverse clients and spaces is educational and stimulating to me.

My art-journey started in Boca Raton, Florida with Graphic Design and Illustration and progressed to commissioned fine art and commercial art. My art studio is located in a quaint town of the North Georgia mountains where natures' energy takes charge. This is where I create concepts for the next mural, a new faux finish technique or your commissioned painting.


My commitment is to capture your vision, in different styles and mediums. Let's start something special for you!

Liliana Vittini

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